Salaries and Wages

General Schedule (GS) Locality Pay Tables

Federal Wage System Pay Schedules

Executive & Senior Level Employee Pay Tables

Note regarding Senior Biomedical Research Service (SBRS):

Salary for a SBRS member ranges from GS-15 to Executive Level 1 (EX-1). The Director, CDC, has the authority to determine the pay of SBRS members below EX-II, while pay between EX-II and EX-III must be approved by the Secretary, HHS.

SBRS members are NOT eligible for the Physicians Comparability Allowance (PCA), but are eligible for performance awards, recruitment, relocation, or retention bonuses. They may qualify for incentive cash awards on the same basis as other employees, with approval by the CDC Director. Only SBRS base pay is considered for retirement and insurance purposes.

Additional Information

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Federal benefits are among the best offered in the private and public sectors. Eligibility depends on the position held, and whether employment is full-time, part-time or intermittent. Select the respective link below for general information on benefits eligibility. You may also visit the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) benefits website for more information on federal benefits.

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Incentives And Awards

Periodic performance-based pay adjustments (within grade/step increases)

Cost of Living Allowances (COLA)

Special salary rates for selected positions

Recruitment and relocation incentives

Employee recognition through Incentive Awards Program

* Incentives and awards are not guaranteed.

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10 Paid Holidays

New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday

President’s Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Columbus Day

Veterans Day



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Vacation, Personal, Sick, and Other Leave Programs

  • 13 days of sick leave per year (4 hours accrued per pay period)
  • Annul leave days per year for vacation or other personal use:
    • 13 days per year for 0-2 years of federal service (4 hours accrued per pay period)
    • 20 days per year for 3-14 years of federal service (6 hours accrued per pay period)
    • 26 days per year for 15+ years of federal service (8 hours accrued per pay period)
  • Family-Friendly Leave Policies, with flexibility for events such as birth or adoption of a child, care of a sick family member, or care of yourself in response to a serious health condition or emergency.

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Employee Assistance and Referral Programs

Employees and their immediate family members have access to confidential, professional counseling and referral services to help them manage life events (e.g., legal matters, finances, education, family matters, etc.)

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Designed for qualified persons in telework-eligible positions, to work from home on a recurring basis (up to 2 days a week) or non-recurring basis under special circumstances.

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Continuing Education And Professional Development

  • Innovative in-house training programs through CDC University
  • Opportunity for external training (with approval and if funds are available)
  • Extensive library of online courses and resources available 24x7

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Comprehensive Medical Benefits

Coverage available for employees, their spouses, and their dependent children under age 26

Many options, including fee-for-service or HMO plans with costs shared by the government. (The government pays a substantial amount of the premium cost and the employee’s portion is paid through payroll deduction.)

Medical examination is not required to obtain coverage

No restrictions due to age, current health, or pre-existing medical condition

Premiums as well as out-of-pocket costs can be paid with pre-tax dollars

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Retirement Benefits and Pension Plan

Thrift Savings Plan, a 401(k)-type plan with choice of investment funds and government matching contributions up to 5%

May be eligible for a defined benefit (based on years of employment and salary history)

More information on the federal retirement plan is available at OPM’s retirement website.

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Life Insurance

Group term life insurance

Optional additional benefits

More information on the federal life insurance program is available at OPM’s Life Insurance website.

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Child Care

Child care providers on or near the work site

Child care tuition subsidy provided for lower-income employees

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Lactation Support

The nationwide Lactation Support Program provides breastfeeding education, lactation support services, return-to-work consults, worksite lactation rooms (with hospital-grade breast pumps), and other resources for expectant and nursing mothers.

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Flexible Spending Accounts

The federal flexible spending account (FSA) is a pre-tax benefits program that allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars for qualifying medical, child care, or adult care expenses.

Health Care FSA to set aside up to 2,500 per covered employee in pre-tax dollars for out-of-pocket medical expenses and other benefits not covered by your health plan

Dependent Care FSA to set aside up to 5,000 in pre-tax dollars to cover daycare or other expenses related to the care of a child or qualifying dependent adult

More information on FSAs account is available at OPM’s Flexible Spending Accounts website.

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Flexible Work Schedules

Several options are available, some of which allow you to adjust your work hours to take a day off each pay period or, vary your daily arrival and departure times. Credit Time to earn time off in exchange for extra hours worked (requires approval).

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Wellness and Fitness

  • Innovative wellness programs
  • Fitness centers and nutrition counseling
  • Elder care and parenting support groups
  • Eligibility for membership in the CDC Federal Credit Union
  • Confidential referrals, resources, and professional counseling services for employees and qualified family members who may be facing personal or work-related problems

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Community Subsidy Programs

Our GO!Card® Program allows reimbursement for use of public transportation (monthly maximum applies).

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