Applying to CDC Positions as a Reemployed Annuitant

General Information

This page summarizes the characteristics of reemployment of a retired civil service annuitant. It provides a general overview of the topic and some details on several of the key elements regarding reemployed annuitants (REAs). It also provides background information and guidance for applying to positions with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a reemployed annuitant.


  1. Annuitant: An individual receiving an annuity from a civil service retirement fund (Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) or the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS).
  2. Reemployed Annuitant: An individual that has been employed by an agency and continues to receive annuity payments.

Appointment Types

A reemployed annuitant may be appointed:

  • Under any employment authority for which they are eligible; there is no specific authority for appointing reemployed annuitants
  • To any position for which they are qualified
  • To permanent, term, or temporary positions in the competitive service or to permanent, indefinite, or time-limited positions in the excepted service
  • Non-competitively, without a vacancy announcement, up to the permanent grade held previously
  • To full-time, part-time, or intermittent work schedules.

Note: Regardless of the appointment authority used or the longevity of the position, all reemployed annuitants serve at the will of the appointing authority, i.e., they may be released at any time based on the management needs of the organization.

Salary Offset

Normally, under the laws governing the CSRS and FERS, a reemployed annuitant’s salary is offset (reduced) by an amount equal to their annuity. There are exceptions, discussed below.

Salary Offset Waivers

CDC may grant a waiver of the normally required salary offset, also known as a dual compensation reduction waiver. This allows the annuitant to be employed without a salary reduction using the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

NDAA Waiver Authority

The 2010 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) revised the laws governing the reemployment of annuitants under CSRS (5 U.S.C. 8344 (l) and FERS (5 U.S.C. 8468 (i) to create an additional dual-compensation waiver authority for agencies.

Under this authority, agencies may reemploy retired annuitants without a salary offset to fulfill functions critical to the agency mission, promote appropriate training or mentoring, assist in the employment and retention of employees, and other uses specified in the law. The following conditions apply:

  • There are no specific grade or series limitations associated with this authority
  • May be used for temporary appointments only
  • Temporary appointments are for 1 year or less; may be extended in increments (determined by the hiring official) for no more than 1 year

Note: If the annuitant retired within 6 months of being hired, the initial appointment is only 6 months with a 520-hour limitation. The appointment can be extended for an additional 6 months with 520 hours, totaling 1040 hours per year. After this initial year, extensions are allowed up to one-year increments.

  • The number of salary hours that can be waived under the authority is limited to:
    • 520 hours in the 6 months immediately following retirement
    • 1040 hours in any 12-month period, or
    • 3120 hours total during reemployment
    • 520 hours spent training or mentoring employees may be excluded from the hour limits listed above as long as training or mentoring is the primary duty for which they were hired. This exclusion is cumulative for the entire period of reemployment

Note: A reemployed annuitant who has been granted a waiver under this authority may work beyond these hour limits but the salary for that work will be offset.

  • Service under this waiver has no effect on the employee’s annuity entitlement; retirement contributions are not taken from pay and the additional time worked does not count for retirement entitlement purposes
  • This authority expires on December 31, 2024.

Types of Positions

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) does not limit position types used for reemployed annuitant authorities. However, there are limitations under NDAA with the dual-compensation waiver, which are positions critical to the agency mission, promote appropriate training or mentoring, assist in the employment and retention of employees, and other uses specified in the law. Agencies decide the position types to be filled based on mission needs. Positions can be domestic or international assignments.

CDC position types are in the following OPM occupational groups:

Application Process and Requirements

Annuitants interested in applying for a position must apply through They must also provide the following documents:

  • Resume
  • Notification of Personnel Action, (SF-50) documenting their retirement and the highest permanent position held

Note: If you need help in obtaining a copy of your last SF-50 (s), visit the OPM National Personnel Records Center, call 314-801-9250, fax 618-935-3014, or write a letter to the National Personnel Records Center, Annex, 1411 Boulder Boulevard, Valmeyer, IL 62295.

  • OPM current Annual Annuity Statement
  • Statement or email stating you will not accept the position without the salary dual-compensation waiver.

For more information related to reemployed annuitants, visit CSRS and FERS Handbook, Chapter 100, Reemployed Annuitants.

Employee Pay and Benefits

Annuitants who are reemployed with a salary offset (dual compensation) waiver may be eligible for:

  • health benefits if the re-employment is for more than one year, regardless of whether the individual has coverage as an annuitant.
  • annual and sick leave if the appointment exceeds 90 days and not on an intermittent work schedule
  • TDY allowance if, required to travel
  • overtime hours, however, they are counted towards the maximum hour limitations under NDAA
  • overseas allowances if the position is international

Annuitants who are reemployed with a salary offset (dual compensation) waiver are not eligible for:

  • additional retirement coverage (other than Social Security coverage)
  • annual, sick leave or holiday pay if on an intermittent work schedule

Other Considerations

A reemployed annuitant serves at the will of the agency regardless of the type or length of appointment to which they are appointed. This means that a reemployed annuitant’s appointment may be terminated at any time without regard to reduction-in-force or adverse action procedures. However, if there is a need for the agency to conduct a formal reduction-in-force (RIF) and the agency does not separate reemployed annuitants before the RIF effective date, the reemployed annuitant competes in the RIF on the same basis as other employees holding the same type of appointment.


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