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When you work at CDC, you take on part of our mission to help make the world a healthier place. We protect health and promote quality of life through the prevention and control of disease, injury and other health threats.

This is not an easy task. It sometimes requires us to work around the world, since disease and health threats are best addressed before they reach our shores. In fact, we work in over 50 countries and respond to hundreds of outbreaks and emergencies each year. And it all starts with people like you.

Whether your background is in medicine, health care, research or administration, you can help to fight diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, and help to make our nation, and the world, a better place for all to live and thrive. Saving lives and protecting people around the world—that’s what CDC is all about, 24/7.


We have multiple roles available for student internships and jobs, whether just starting on your career track or with a goal in mind you want to pursue, CDC has numerous internships as well as training and volunteer opportunities for students of all academic disciplines and levels. Learn more about opportunities for students at CDC.

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Continue to serve your nation and the world through a meaningful public service career.

Learn more about opportunities for Veterans at CDC

USPH Commissioned Corps

Join more than 6,500 highly qualified public health professionals as part of the U.S. Public Health Service. Overseen by the Surgeon General, you will be part of an elite and diverse team of professionals essential to public health leadership and exemplary clinical service.

To Remain An Active Duty Commissioned Corps Officer
If you currently are and want to remain a Commissioned Corps officer, you are welcome to apply and receive a courtesy referral. Note that a courtesy referral is not a competitive civil service process and does not provide civil service status for the selected employee. Below is a comparison chart of Commissioned Corps ranks to civil service, which advises you on potential billet rankings.

Grade Rank Equivalent
0-2 Lieutenant Jr. Grade (LTJG) GS-7
0-3 Lieutenant (LT) GS-9/11
0-4 Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) GS-12
0-5 Commander (CDR) GS-13
0-6 Captain (CAPT) GS-14/15

To Leave the Commissioned Corps
To leave and continue your career in the competitive Civil Service, apply for jobs open to the general public through competitive certification. If selected, you will need to acquire civil service status upon completion of the required probationary period.

Overseas Opportunities

From Angola to Zimbabwe, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) presence is felt in over 40 countries worldwide through partnerships with international and multinational public health agencies and nongovernmental organizations. Whether you are working with health ministries to build public health surveillance systems in developing countries, contributing to global health policies and programs, helping to immunize children in a small-town village or training researchers, our challenging assignments give you an unprecedented opportunity to experience different cultures while making a difference in the health and well-being of people around the world.

If interested in working overseas at CDC, your eligibility will be based on your qualifications, federal employment status and citizenship. Other requirements include a postgraduate degree (master’s or doctorate) or a bachelor’s degree combined with related experience in your specialization.

CDC global health programs typically hire overseas employees at a relatively senior level, GS-13 or its equivalent in the Commissioned Corps/U.S. Public Health Service. Learn more about overseas jobs at CDC.

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Plane Passenger

The CDC’s presence is felt in over 40 countries worldwide

Job Seekers with Disabilities

CDC is committed to providing a progressive environment for people with disabilities. We embrace an open culture of inclusion and respect to cultivate ideas, devise solutions and ultimately increase the health security of our nation.

We have created and continually enhance a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility and fairness to enable individuals to contribute to their full potential apart from their physical disability.

Requesting a Reasonable Accommodation
Federal agencies must provide reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities, where appropriate. Applicants requiring reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process should contact the hiring agency directly.

To request a reasonable accommodation in response to a job announcement, contact the Human Capital and Resources Management Office three business days before the closing date of the announcement.


Phone (770) 488-1725 [TTY/TDD (770) 488-1228]

Determinations on requests for reasonable accommodation will be made on a case-by-case basis. To obtain a copy of the CDC Reasonable Accommodations Policy, call the Office of Dispute Resolution and Equal Employment Opportunity at (770) 488-3210.

Persons with Disabilities (PWD)/(Schedule A) Appointment Program

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Lab Employee

Scientific research is in CDC's DNA.

Join our team and apply science to solve important health problems.

Lab Employee

Love lab work?

Conduct critical science at CDC and help protect our nation against dangerous health threats.