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Applying to CDC Positions as a Reemployed Annuitant for COVID-19

General Information

This page summarizes the characteristics of reemployment of a retired civil service annuitant supporting the COVID-19 initiative. It provides a general overview of the topic and some details on several of the key elements regarding reemployed annuitants (REAs). It also provides background information and guidance for applying to positions with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a reemployed annuitant.


  1. Annuitant: An individual receiving an annuity from a civil service retirement fund (Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) or the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS).
  2. Reemployed Annuitant: An individual that has been employed by an agency and continues to receive annuity payments.

Appointment Types

A reemployed annuitant may be appointed:

  • Under any employment authority for which they are eligible; there is no specific authority for appointing reemployed annuitants
  • To any position for which REAs are qualified; a REA must meet the qualification requirements for the position
  • To permanent, term, or temporary positions in the competitive service or to permanent, indefinite, or time-limited positions in the excepted service;
  • Non-competitively, without a vacancy announcement, up to the permanent grade held previously
  • To full-time, part-time, or intermittent work schedules

Note: Regardless of the appointment authority used or the longevity of the position, all reemployed annuitants serve at the will of the appointing authority, i.e., they may be released at any time based on the management needs of the organization.

Salary Offset

Normally, under the laws governing the CSRS and FERS, a reemployed annuitant’s salary is offset (reduced) by an amount equal to their annuity. There are exceptions, discussed below.

Salary Offset Waivers

CDC may grant a waiver of the normally required salary offset, also known as a dual compensation reduction waiver. This allows the annuitant to be employed without a salary reduction using CDC may grant a waiver of the normally required salary offset, also known as a dual compensation reduction waiver. This allows the annuitant to be employed without a salary reduction in accordance with the Office of Personnel Management’s delegation of authority for dual compensation reduction (salary off-set) waivers under 5 CFR § 553.202, and redelegation of the HHS Deputy Assistant Secretary of Human Resources and Chief Human Capital Officer delegated the authority to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Human Resources Director.

This authority enables the HR Director to waive the salary off-set in order to reemploy annuitants for mission critical positions needed in support of the President’s Proclamation of March 13, 2020, declaring the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States a national emergency and mobilizing all Federal resources in response to the pandemic.

This delegated authority requirements:

  • Effective April 15, 2020
  • Limited to specific positions and grades
  • Can only be used for temporary appointments.
  • No limitation on the number of working hours, therefore, you can use part-time or full-time work schedules.
  • Generally, there are no limitations on offering premium pays such as overtime as appropriate for the type of position. However, do pay close attention to the pay caps and aggregate pay limits.
  • Exceptions are:
  • Title 42 Consultants have other compensation limitations approved at HQ HHS Levels.
  • Senior Executives Service Employees and Title 38 Physicians are not eligible for premium pays.
  • Service under this waiver has no effect on the employee’s annuity entitlement; retirement contributions are not taken from pay and the additional time worked does not count for retirement entitlement purposes.
  • This authority expires on April 14, 2021.

Types of Positions

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and HHS have approved the following CDC COVID-19 reemployed annuitant positions for this authority. These are critical to the agency mission needs. Positions can be domestic or international assignments.

Approved OPM and HHS positions
Position Title Series Grade Level(s) Locations
Safety and Occupational Specialist/Manager 0018 11-15 All CDC Sites
Security Administration 0080 9-12 All CDC Sites
Emergency Management 0089 9-14 All CDC Sites
GIS Spec/Geographer 0150 13 All CDC Sites
Human Resources Specialist 0201 9-13 All CDC Sites
Human Resources Assistant 0203 5-7 All CDC Sites
Program Specialist 0301 9-15 All CDC Sites
Freedom Information Specialist 0306 12 All CDC Sites
Management Analyst 0343 12-13 All CDC Sites
Logistics Management Specialist 0346 12-13 All CDC Sites
Telecommunications Specialist (AV) 0391 11 All CDC Sites
Biologist 0401 11-14 All CDC Sites
Microbiologist 0403 11-14 All CDC Sites
Biological Science Technician 0404 6 All CDC Sites
Financial Analyst 0501 12-13 All CDC Sites
Accountant 0510 12-13 All CDC Sites
Budget Analyst 0560 11-13 All CDC Sites
Health Scientist/ Epidemiologist/Health Scientist (Informatics) 0601 11-14 All CDC Sites
Medical Technologist 0644 11-15 All CDC Sites
Medical Support Assistant 0679 6 All CDC Sites
Public Health Advisor/Analyst 0685 9-15 All CDC Sites
Industrial Hygienist Specialist 0690 12-15 All CDC Sites
Vet Medical Officer 0701 13 All CDC Sites
General Engineer 0801 7-15 All CDC Sites
Biomedical Engineer 0858 13-14 All CDC Sites
General Attorney 0905 11-14 All CDC Sites
Health Communications Specialist 1001 11-15 All CDC Sites
Public Affairs Specialist 1035 11-13 All CDC Sites
Audio Visual Specialist 1071 11-13 All CDC Sites
Writer/Editor 1082 11-13 All CDC Sites
Technical Writer Editor 1083 11-13 All CDC Sites
Visual Information Specialist 1084 11-13 All CDC Sites
Contract Specialist 1102 9 All CDC Sites
Grants Management Specialist 1109 12-13 All CDC Sites
Physical Scientist 1301 7-12 All CDC Sites
Mathematical Statistician 1529 11-14 All CDC Sites
Statistician 1530 12-14 All CDC Sites
Computer Scientist 1550 12-14 All CDC Sites
Health Education Specialist 1701 11-15 All CDC Sites
IT Specialist 2210 11-14 All CDC Sites

Application Process and Requirements

Annuitants interesting in applying for a position must apply through USAJobsexternal icon or COVID-19-HIRING (CDC) .

NOTE: If you send your application package to COVID-19-HIRING (CDC), please annotate Reemployed Annuitant in the subject along with the position title(s), series, and grade you want consideration.

You must also provide the following documents:

  • Resume
    Note: USAJobsexternal icon: Ensure your application is searchable and Include Reemployed Annuitant in your resume for filtering.
  • Notification of Personnel Action, (SF-50) documenting their retirement and the highest permanent position held
    Note If you cannot find your SF-50, visit the OPM National Personnel Records Centerexternal icon, call 314-801-9250, fax 618-935-3014, or write a letter to the National Personnel Records Center, Annex, 1411 Boulder Boulevard, Valmeyer, IL 62295.
  • OPM current Annual Annuity Statement
  • Statement or email stating you will not accept the position without the salary dual-compensation waiver

For more information related to reemployed annuitants, visit CSRS and FERS Handbook, Chapter 100, Reemployed Annuitantspdf iconexternal icon.

Employee Pay and Benefits

Annuitants who are reemployed with a salary offset (dual compensation) waiver may be eligible for:

  • Health benefits if the re-employment is for more than one year, regardless of whether the individual has coverage as an annuitant
  • Annual and sick leave if the appointment exceeds 90 days and not on an intermittent work schedule
  • TDY allowance if, required to travel
  • Overtime hours, however, they are counted towards the maximum hour limitations under NDAA
  • Overseas allowances if the position is international

Annuitants who are reemployed with a salary offset (dual compensation) waiver are not eligible for:

  • Additional retirement coverage (other than Social Security coverage)

Annual, sick leave or holiday pay if on an intermittent work schedule

Other Considerations

A reemployed annuitant serves at the will of the agency regardless of the type or length of appointment to which they are appointed. This means that a reemployed annuitant’s appointment may be terminated at any time without regard to reduction-in-force or adverse action procedures. However, if there is a need for the agency to conduct a formal reduction-in-force (RIF) and the agency does not separate reemployed annuitants before the RIF effective date, the reemployed annuitant competes in the RIF on the same basis as other employees holding the same type of appointment.

Even though reemployed annuitants are typically appointed noncompetitively, agencies must adhere to the provisions of the Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP) and the Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP) to ensure displaced and surplus employees are given priority consideration for vacancies when applicable.


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