Medical Officers

CDC medical officers/physicians serve as advisors, consultants and administrators. The results of their work are felt worldwide as they conduct cutting-edge medical research, collaborate with and/or provide specialized services to CDC partners, and institutionalize national and international health programs and scientific investigations. Qualifications for a medical officer are determined by the grade level of the position. View here and/or print basic qualifications and grade levels required for medical officers at CDC.

Civil Service vs. Commissioned Corps Career Path

Medical officers elect a career path at CDC Civil Service or Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Each path has its own pay structure, benefits and career progression.

Commissioned Corps information is available at the PHS website.


  • Physicians Comparability Allowance (PCA) – based on the length of service agreement, board certification, creditable service as a federal physician, and grade level of the position.
  • Physicians and Dentists Pay – Physicians and dentists below the GS-15 grade who provide direct patient care services or services incident to patient care are eligible for physicians and dentists pay.

View the requirements and qualifications required for this role.

Medical Officer Jobs