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USPHS Commissioned Corps

Join more than 6,500 highly qualified public health professionals as part of the U.S. Public Health Service. Overseen by the Surgeon General, you will be part of an elite and diverse team of professionals essential to public health leadership and exemplary clinical service.

To Remain An Active Duty Commissioned Corps Officer

If you currently are and want to remain a Commissioned Corps officer, you are welcome to apply and receive a courtesy referral. Note that a courtesy referral is not a competitive civil service process and does not provide civil service status for the selected employee. Below is a comparison chart of Commissioned Corps ranks to civil service, which advises you on potential billet rankings.

Grade Rank Equivalent
0-2 Lieutenant Jr. Grade (LTJG) GS-7
0-3 Lieutenant (LT) GS-9/11
0-4 Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) GS-12
0-5 Commander (CDR) GS-13
0-6 Captain (CAPT) GS-14/15

To Leave the Commissioned Corps

To leave and continue your career in the competitive Civil Service, apply for jobs open to the general public through competitive certification. If selected, you will need to acquire civil service status upon completion of the required probationary period.

Lab Employee

Scientific research is in CDC's DNA.

Join our team and apply science to solve important health problems.

Lab Employee

Love lab work?

Conduct critical science at CDC and help protect our nation against dangerous health threats.